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Nine Reasons Your Customers Are Leaving You And What To Do About It

There has long been a misconception that sales and marketing should be in separate silos. In fact, when things go well sales and marketing compete for the credit. When things go poorly, sales and marketing often point fingers at each other. Increasingly, this conventional silo behavior is going to have significant negative repercussions for your […]

Five Deadly Marketing Mistakes You Can Avoid With Ease

Whether we like it or not, in the marketing world we always have to be “on.” That means that whenever we try a new platform, whenever a new ad launches, or whenever we start a new campaign, somebody is going to be watching. There is not a “pre-game” that is forgiving of gaffes. In fact, […]

A new white paper – five marketing fundamentals for 2013

Over the past few weeks, we have posted 50 key marketing fundamentals to our marketing blog. Out of that, we have created a white paper that we believe will be valuable for every company as you think about your marketing plans for 2013. These 5 key fundamentals focus on ways to make your marketing more […]

Five Fundamentals for Social Media

Believe it or not, this is our last post of the Fifty Fundamentals of Marketing series. If you missed a post you can check out the whole series! To finish things up, we’re going to talk about five fundamentals for social media – specifically, five fundamentals for social media if you are using social media […]

Five Fundamentals for Business Blogging

It can be argued that there are three types of blogs in the online world. The first kind is that in which the blogger is using the blog itself to generate income. This can be done in several ways. Links that lead to purchasable items (affiliate links) and site advertisements are two ways that a […]

Five Fundamentals for Sales Collateral

Sales collateral can incorporate brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, and more. While other facets of  business communication have changed over the years, collateral still remains one of the best methods to present important information, especially technical information, about a product or service. The important thing to remember about sales pieces today is that the audience is […]

Five Fundamentals for Websites

There’s no question that websites play a key role in today’s business world. Your website is home base for many if not most of your marketing communications. Much like grand central station, almost all communications travel through your website. Assuming you keep your site updated, it offers, at a quick glance, insight into how active […]