What Obama’s Re-Election Means for B2B Marketers

The suspense is finally over. After an interminably long election season, we have the results. President Obama will serve four more years. Already, there have been significant repercussions to this announcement in the business world. The biggest news has been large companies like Applebees and Papa Johns trimming payroll, claiming that “Obamacare” will be too […]

Battling Corporate Uncertainty

A few days ago, in our regular perusing of Ad Age, we came upon a brief blurb that got our attention. The mini-blog post focused on uncertainty. It emphasized that uncertainty has always existed when it comes to marketing. Advertising never was viewed as a sure path to success. When companies started moving to digital […]

Five Things To Consider When Naming Your Product

Your R&D team has been working on this idea for months. Your path to patents is clear. You’ve identified your target market. You’ve set a price point. You’ve set sales goals and you’ve even begun to think about your marketing strategy. The moment of truth has come. It’s time to name your product. Uhoh. Naming […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Extend Your Brand

Branding wars don’t exactly get the same kind of attention that an athletic or political rivalry may garner, but the war between Coke and PepsiCo has gotten more attention than most. According to some, the war is now over and Pepsi has lost. Mallory Russell, writing for Business Insider in May 2012, noted that in […]

Comparing Apple to Oranges

Last week AdWeek featured a one-minute piece featuring Lee Clow. Clow helped to create the brand defining “1984” Macintosh ad that helped to put Apple on the map (and it’s still revered 28 years later). Clow, in this short video, reflects on what ties Apple products together and what Steve Jobs intended with each new […]