Commitment to Yourself And Your Business

The Silver Bullet – Knowing What Your Customers Think Of You

For the last few weeks, we’ve been writing posts inspired by John Jantsch’s latest book, The Commitment Engine. Today’s post is the final post in that series, so we thought we would wrap up everything we have talked about in this series into a single bite-sized lesson. That lesson sounds deceptively simple – all that […]

The Value of Education in Today’s Business World

In his new book, The Commitment Engine, author John Jantsch talks about the importance of community and how building a community around your company can help you sell your products or services. One key point Jantsch makes in this section is the concept of selling through teaching. This is also an idea he touched on […]

The Importance of Listening

A lot of marketing, and in fact a lot of business, focuses on talking or “producing content.” Marketers tend to focus on pushing out the message, getting that vision statement out there, building the brand, and advertising products or services. Business people tend to focus on selling ideas to the c-suite, running meetings, and securing […]

One Way To Prioritize Your Work

One thing you hear or see just about every day is how BUSY everyone is. Lack of sleep seems to be part of  bragging rights these days. People are traveling more, communicating more, and doing more, perhaps, than ever before. Because of this omnipresence of being busy overhanging our society, there is also a lot […]

How To Avoid Death By Meeting

Oh no. Not another meeting! You know that cry, most likely, as do so many people across the country and around the globe. “The Meeting” has become one of the most dreaded parts of a person’s workday, and often with good reason. People feel like meetings take forever, nothing really gets accomplished, there’s no clear […]

What’s Missing From Your Hiring Process

Imagine this scenario: A short while ago, let’s say, two months ago, you hired someone to hold an important position in your company. Their résumé was flawless, they seemed to have the exact skill set you had been dreaming of, and they seemed kind and well-spoken in their interview. But two months down the line, […]

Sharing – The Silo Killer

One of the most powerful parts of John Jantsch’s new book, The Commitment Engine, is the section where he talks about shared commitment. In the book, this section is about how a leader can infuse a company (from employees to customers) with commitment to the overall purpose of that company. However, I think that sharing […]