Customer Service

The Silver Bullet – Knowing What Your Customers Think Of You

For the last few weeks, we’ve been writing posts inspired by John Jantsch’s latest book, The Commitment Engine. Today’s post is the final post in that series, so we thought we would wrap up everything we have talked about in this series into a single bite-sized lesson. That lesson sounds deceptively simple – all that […]

You Are Only As Strong As Your Least Happy Employee

In his new book The Commitment Engine, author John Jantsch makes a notable point. He writes, “Generating commitment is the new currency of American business. The most important task of a leader is to guide passion and purpose in a way that encourages staff and customers alike to find, nurture, and grow commitment around the […]

On Truly Understanding Your Customers

Business is a funny thing. No matter how much we talk about customer service, ultimately, we are bound to view everything that happens through our own company’s prism. If you manufacture a product, it is easy to assume that your customers know and appreciate every detail that you carefully engineered ┬áinto that product. If you […]

Nine Reasons Your Customers Are Leaving You And What To Do About It

There has long been a misconception that sales and marketing should be in separate silos. In fact, when things go well sales and marketing compete for the credit. When things go poorly, sales and marketing often point fingers at each other. Increasingly, this conventional silo behavior is going to have significant negative repercussions for your […]

The Prickly Issue of Pricing

In this era of debate and discontent, there are a few things that almost everyone can agree one. For example, almost anyone who travels regularly will say that traveling these days is a drag. It’s not just the waiting and the security checks and the delays, either. The pricing is getting a lot of people […]

Scissors Won’t Fix Your Budget Problem

If you work in marketing for any length of time, one fact becomes obvious before almost any other. When times get tough, whether at one specific company or because of a recession like the one we’ve been struggling with for the last few years, the first thing companies tend to want to do is take […]

7 Ways To Get Your Customers To Talk To Each Other

Whether or not you believe in the social media hype, one thing is certainly true – the way people deal with companies from whom they purchase products and services has changed. No longer do customers rely simply on your ads, your website, or their in-person meeting with you at a trade show. Instead, your customers […]