What CEOs of Manufacturing Companies Are Worried About

As marketers, it is easy to focus only on the facets of the business world that affect us. We keep busy tracking trends in SEO, the newest social media platform, whether QR codes are hot or not, and how people are accessing information most often. When we meet with the C-Suite, these are the concerns […]

The part of the jobs recovery no one is talking about

Sometimes, when you work in the world of manufacturing, it can feel like you are living in a world that speaks its own language. This can be particularly true when you talk to companies in the machine tool industry, where conversations about boring machines, worm grinders, and robots are commonplace. However, keeping the pulse of […]

A Non-Political Conversation about American Manufacturing

It certainly is not news that we are living through a Presidential Election. With the first Presidential debate looming tonight, we have begun the final countdown to one of the most contentious election cycles in recent memory. The problem with all of the political intrigue that has characterized this election is that very few of […]