Nine Reasons Your Customers Are Leaving You And What To Do About It

There has long been a misconception that sales and marketing should be in separate silos. In fact, when things go well sales and marketing compete for the credit. When things go poorly, sales and marketing often point fingers at each other. Increasingly, this conventional silo behavior is going to have significant negative repercussions for your […]

Five Fundamentals for Sales Collateral

Sales collateral can incorporate brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, and more. While other facets of  business communication have changed over the years, collateral still remains one of the best methods to present important information, especially technical information, about a product or service. The important thing to remember about sales pieces today is that the audience is […]

Seven Ways The Social Business Model Can Increase Your Leads

Not too long ago, we wrote a post describing how the social business model can be used to drive your agency to do more. Another important benefit of the social business model is that it can actually help you increase your leads, which of course can extend benefits across your entire organization. Here are seven […]

Leads and Social Media and Referrals, Oh My!

BtoB Magazine reported this past week on a study published by email marketing company Constant Contact. Constant Contact surveyed 1,000 people who are part of Constant Contact’s Small Business Research panel in May 2012 in an effort to find out what’s on their minds. The results were crystal clear. BtoB notes, ” 76% of survey respondents […]

Five Important Questions to Ask About Your Landing Pages

What is a landing page? As you may know, a landing page is a custom web page designed to “land” people into a specific environment, usually one that will entice them to buy. Using these special landing pages can also enhance your ability to track and measure your marketing tactics because you can count how […]

Make me care

I recently watched a TED talk by Andrew Stanton. Andrew Stanton is a storyteller who has worked on A Bug’s Life, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Wall-E. Storytelling is a concept that is mentioned with increasing frequency when it comes to promoting one’s business. It’s not exactly a new idea. David Ogilvy, copywriter extraordinaire, noted, […]

Five Reasons to Bust the Sales and Marketing Silos

A common problem affecting companies today is the massive gap that exists between the marketing and sales departments. Sometimes called “the silo effect” because of how silos keep grain separated from other materials, many companies experience communication and collaboration difficulties between marketing and sales departments. Despite the prevalence of this problem, it is absolutely essential […]