Social Media – Would You Pay To Play?

A couple of months ago, we summarized a report indicating that even though people are spending increasingly long amounts of time on Facebook, ad clicks are not increasing, much to Facebook’s chagrin. There are many potential reasons for this discrepancy between time spent on the site and the lack of advertising success, but one thing […]

Facebook’s Achilles’ Heel

What are some of the most popular actions you can take on Facebook? Tagging people is a big one – letting them know that you found something you thought they would find interesting. Sharing posts is also something a lot of people like to do, especially when people see images or “memes” that they want […]

Social Media and the Fate of QR Codes

A couple of years ago, we encountered a little story about something called QR codes. Born in Japan as part of the car industry , QR codes were coming to America as a mobile marketing device. At the time, it seemed like QR codes were at the perfect place at the perfect time. Easy to […]