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Big Big News at Clayman!

We hope you’ll pardon us for doing the unthinkable and writing a blog post that is pretty much about us, but we have a lot of important news we want to share with you! First, we are changing our name. Instead of Clayman Advertising, Inc., we are now Clayman Marketing Communications, Inc. There are a […]

Five Fundamentals for Trade Shows

Although social media is now viewed as the best way to talk to customers one-on-one, the fact is that NOTHING, especially in the business-to-business world, beats a trade show. You get to actually meet and shake hands with people, answer questions in real time, present your products and your message exactly how you want to […]

Seven Ways To Drive Your Agency To Do More

In 2011, IBM published a white paper called The Social Business, Advent of a New Age (you can download the PDF here). In a nutshell, a social business is a fully integrated company. Despite the name, this doesn’t just mean that the company is integrating social media into its marketing tactics. A social business means […]

Can Microsoft’s New Surface Really Take on the iPad?

On Monday, June 18th, Microsoft announced that it was launching two new Surface tablets. Long expected to present an answer to Apple’s iPad, the time leading up the announcement was full of the usual excitement and speculation. However, in the aftermath of the actual announcement, is it possible that the Surface is a disappointment? After […]

Show me the money

Hard to believe that Jerry Maguire was showing in theaters way back in 1996. Kind of makes you feel old, doesn’t it? But given that the film is now 16 years old, it’s not so surprising that the refrain “Show me the money” has entered our society’s every day lexicon. Who could have ever predicted […]

Excitement here at Clayman!

We are very happy to announce that our president, Larry Clayman, has been named to the Board of Directors of BPA Worldwide. His term will last 3 years. For as long as our agency has been involved in placing media, we have relied heavily on the services of BPA, which audits the circulation of publications […]