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Weighing the Benefits: Sponsored Content Versus Advertising

We saw an interesting article in Advertising Age last week regarding the news reading app called Pulse. Like so many other platforms catching fire today, Pulse organizes content into a more visual system that makes finding and reading content easier. It is a competitor of the more commonly known Flipboard. Both companies, Flipboard and Pulse, […]

A New Way To Bring Social Media to the B2B World

On Twitter, every account has a profile page. As you can see in the screen capture to the left, the profile page includes your “bio” – a very short blurb about yourself, a background image, your number of followers, and your live stream of tweets – meaning the tweets you sent out. It’s the background […]

Five Deadly Marketing Mistakes You Can Avoid With Ease

Whether we like it or not, in the marketing world we always have to be “on.” That means that whenever we try a new platform, whenever a new ad launches, or whenever we start a new campaign, somebody is going to be watching. There is not a “pre-game” that is forgiving of gaffes. In fact, […]

Five Fundamentals for Advertising

As various new marketing channels have risen to significance, advertising (both print and online) has continued to chug along, helping marketers provide information in a more detailed and more openly promotional (at times) manner than the online world often finds permissible. In a world with short attention spans, print advertisements still present a clear branding […]

50 Marketing Fundamentals – A Series

This is the time of year when people in our business live in two years at the same time. We are still in the midst of working on projects and campaigns that were initially planned last year but we are also keeping one eye on next year as we begin planning for each client. Planning […]

Social Media – Would You Pay To Play?

A couple of months ago, we summarized a report indicating that even though people are spending increasingly long amounts of time on Facebook, ad clicks are not increasing, much to Facebook’s chagrin. There are many potential reasons for this discrepancy between time spent on the site and the lack of advertising success, but one thing […]

Marketing Without Obfuscation

Advertising guru David Ogilvy was known for many things – his marketing quips and quotes can be found everywhere, for example, and his own particular style of advertising also was unique. Ogilvy believed that the more your advertisement looked like editorial, the more likely people would be to read the whole thing: “There is no […]